Ways Of Improving Your English Language

Ways Of Improving Your English Language

Learning English can be tasking as learning any other new language. The truth is a lot of how well you learn English language is dependent on your passion and the amount of energy you sink in it. This is not to say learning English language demands a whole heck of commitment. There are some basic things you could do to enhance your hold of the language. Regularity at these tasks gives you good acquaintance with the language and next you masterfully mature into skillful manipulation of the language.

Get a Tutor if possible

Learning a language on your own can really be a long journey ahead. But a good distance of this distance is chopped off when you are learning it in the educative company of a tutor. Such person would readily brush you through the nook and cranny of the language. The fact that you are reading this blog post shows you are already in the safe hands of a competent English tutor.

Read as many books as possible

Here is little more work for you. Keeping up with English literature comes with its advantages. Read a couple of English when you can. Reading goes a long way in refining your command of English. It works extensively on areas on your English like your spelling, your grasp of vocabulary, basically your grammar. A couple of books that can strategically help you learn English. We have the likes of The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame, Animal Farm by George Orwell. Watch out for our subsequent blog posts, we will be covering these books in depth.



Never be scared to speak English

Yes, never be reluctant to speak the English you have learned so far. You must not be perfect before you start communicating in English neither is it a strict requirement that you must begin speaking only Queens English. Gradually walk up your learning curve, make mistakes and learn. The good thing is the more you speak in English irrespective of your errors, the more you tend to wrap yourself around it getting more acquainted to the deeper rudiments of the language. One secret is try to jump into conversation in English language as much as possible. It doesn’t mean you are trying to show off how good you are, or trying to be clownish with how poor your English is. The more you speak, the more inside you get into the nerves that connect the language.

Lastly you can try English movies

English movies are immensely helpful in improving your English language. You can choose an interesting movie whose English level matches yours. It would be a huge addition if the movie had subtitles. Then flow along with the movie. Aside this, movies help you with the correct pronunciation, especially ‘how things are said’. You can watch one movie all over and over again, say one with a subtitle. The trick is the more you watch the movie, the more relaxed you are watching it since it is now less suspenseful and predictable. This will now take the agitation and excitement off positively, giving you enough calm to focus on learning the words proper.

So far these steps will help you improve your English language. Remember, this is not the journey of just a day. It is quite gradual and procedural. Don’t push yourself too much, learn gently at your own pace. We would really love to hear you speak Queens English.

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